Saturday, November 10, 2012

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2012

Hello Again Everyone,

Welcome to the TNA iMPACT Wrestling Turning Point fight card.  Here is a special look at what your going to see LIVE Sunday night November 11th from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Presents...

Turning Point 

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Intergender Tag Team Match

ODB & Eric Young 


Tara & Jesse (From Big Brother)

Joseph Park


Doc (Ace's & Eight's)

Kurt Angle


Devon (Ace's & Eight's)

TNA X-Divsion Title Match

(C) Rob Van Dam


Joey Ryan

TNA Television Title Match (No DQ Match)

(C) Samoa Joe 



TNA Tag Team Title Match

(C) Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez


Daniels & Kaz

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Presents...

Turning Point

Co-Main Event Of The Evening 

Winner Gets A World Title Shot Loser Of The Fall Can't Get A Title Shot Until BFG 2013

AJ Styles


James Storm


Bobby Roode

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Presents...

Turning Point

Main Event Of The Evening

TNA World Title Ladder Match 

(C) Jeff Hardy


Austin Aries 

What a night it will be in Orlando.  All titles are on the line and Ace's & Eight's will be in action and they will be in the area.  Chaos has a huge chance to break out what will happen and can Austin Aries climb the ladder back the World championship?  All that and more will be answered at Turning Point!!

Thank you very much for joining us.  This has been a presentation of King Jay Entertainment and this is what the world is watching!!

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